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Findon Valley, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 11th April 2019.

Declaration of Interest

Cllr Martin declared a pecuniary/prejudicial interest in Agenda item P 19.28 b (SDNP/19/01077 HOUS – 22 The Quadrangle, Findon, BN14 0RB) and would leave the meeting for that item and take no part in any discussion.

Public Question Time

Ten members of the public in attendance referred to their submitted objections to the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) regarding application SDNP/19/01239/FUL – land east of Pony Farm, Findon, BN14 0RS. In addition, an objection had been submitted from a near neighbour regarding the Appeal on SDNP/18/10731/FUL APPEAL HEARING – land east of Pony Farm. As a point of clarification, the Clerk advised that the content of any Planning Committee Agenda was dependant on the SDNPA timeline for publishing an application.

Consideration of Applications

  1. a) SDNP/19/01239/FUL – Land east of Pony Farm, Findon, BN14 0RS

Erection of dwelling, landscape enhancements and associated works. Councillors had reviewed the available documents and site location.

The Chairman provided additional background information regarding the previous application history of the site

The Committee unanimously and strongly objected to the application on the following planning grounds:

  • The land was outside the settlement boundary and the proposal did not meet the exceptional circumstances criteria whereby consent for development might be considered outside the settlement boundary in either the South Downs Nationa l Park (SDNP) Draft Local Plan Policy SD25 Development Strategy
  • (settlement boundaries) or the Adopted Arun Local Plan 2018 Policy 7 Settlement Structure and Green Infrastructure;
  • Neither the SDNP Draft Local Plan (now a material consideration) or the emerging updated Findon Neighbourhood Development Plan (housing site allocations) had proposed to extend the settlement boundary at the application site or allocate it as a housing site;
  • The proposed application did not meet the tests in the made Findon Neighbourhood Development Plan 2016-2035 Policy 4.2 Core Objectives;
  • The proposed application did not meet the principles in the draft SDNP Local Plan regarding Core Policy SD1 Sustainable Development and Strategic Policy SD4 Landscape Character;
  • There would be a resultant loss of amenity (noise disturbance from vehicles, excavation issues, air quality and light pollution), habitat and wildlife;
  • The private access way from the cul de sac to the application site was a shared surface with PROW 2085 and would not offer a safe route for walkers, horse riders, children and dogs with the increased number of vehicle trips anticipated from the proposal.

The Planning Committee was aware of and supported residents’ objections to this application that had been published on the SDNPA Public Access System

Resolved: that the Clerk informs the SDNPA that Findon Parish Council strongly objects to the application for the reasons stated above.

  1. b) SDNP/19/01077/HOUS – 22 The Quadrangle, Findon, BN14 0RB

Proposed rear and side single storey extension, porch extension, roof conversions with gables and rear and front dormer windows. Councillors had reviewed the available documents and site location, noted that many other properties had similar application approved by the SDNPA without objections. Resolved: that the Clerk informs the SDNPA that Findon Parish Council raises no objection to the application.

SDNP/18/10731/FUL Appeal Hearing land east of Pony Farm

The Chairman reminded the Committee of the FPC objection letter dated 2 May 2018 regarding the application, which was refused by the SDNPA. No further comments would be submitted by FPC regarding the Appeal.

Review of the SDNPA Planning Applications List

The List (as previously circulated) was reviewed and noted. The recently received application for the Annexe, 24 High Street, Findon, BN14 0TA would be considered at the Planning Committee meeting on 23 May 2019 (as agreed with SDNPA)

Items for discussion

Residents had enquired regarding the activity that had recently taken place at Soldiers Field House (traffic movements, soil sampling). However, as no planning application or pre application advice had yet been published by the SDNPA, it was not possible to consider until such notification had been received by Findon Parish Council.

Clapham & Patching

Still no response to our enquiries. According to the website, Clapham PC were due to hold a meeting on 28th March as the agenda is posted online, however there are no minutes showing.


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