Findon Parish Council January News

Findon Valley, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 29th October 2018.

Public Question Time

Kim Fessey, Manager, Findon Village Pre-School updated Councillors regarding the funding position and explained that the Pre-School was unable to meet many of the funding schemes criteria regarding ‘community use’ for a replacement building. The Pre-School Committee was therefore considering a full refurbishment of the existing building as an alternative to the replacement building. She added that the main joists and foundations were reasonably solid. The refurbishment was likely to cost £80-100k subject to estimates. Just over £20k had already been raised towards the replacement project and FPC were asked if they could provide any financial assistance. The Chairman recommended that all interested parties in the replacement building project needed to be made aware of and agree to the Pre-School change of direction before this could be considered.

Request to purchase land adjacent to Pond Green

Councillors had reviewed the request from Mr Collard and the background correspondence (as previously circulated). Cllr Carr advised that the circumstances had not changed since his original request to FPC in February 2018 was turned down as Pond Green had been transferred to FPC for the express use as an asset for the community, and was designated as a Local Green Space in the Findon Neighbourhood Development Plan and policies. Mr Collard was advised that his proposal could be included as part of the 3-5 year Strategic Plan being developed for public consultation. At the invitation of the Chairman, Mr Collard felt that his proposal would improve what he considered to be a redundant parcel of lane by his property and reduce anti-social behaviour. He also mentioned that condition of the adjoining flint wall.

Traffic, Environment, People (TEP)

The Chairman invited David Hutchison to introduce the item. It was reported that although WSCC Highways had previously confirmed that speed loops had been requested for the end of September 2018 regarding the A24 speed survey, they had not yet been put in place and no new dates were available.

Xmas lighting 2018

Reference was made to the report from Jan Mackerell (as previously circulated) and noted. Comment was made that the annual event was going from strength to strength and the Xmas Lights team should be congratulated.


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