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Findon Gallops, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the minutes of the Parish Council Planning Committee held on 27th September 2018

Public Questions

Two residents spoke against application SDNP/18/04375 FUL (land adjacent to 47 Homewood, Findon, BN14 0XA) as close neighbours. Their objections covered the existing issues with vehicle and emergency services access/egress/parking at Homewood, lack of neighbour consultation by Arun District Council (ADC) as applicants and land owner, proposed dwelling would be un-neighbourly and not low impact, and a more suitable use for the parcel of land could be for additional car parking or allotments.


SDNP/18/04375/FUL – Land adjacent to 47 Homewood, Findon, BN14 0XA Erection of a 2 bedroom chalet bungalow with associated parking and landscaping.

Councillors had reviewed the available documents and site location. The Committee shared the views of the PQT speakers and made the following comments in objection to the application:

  • The proposed design of the dwelling was a ‘step up’ building, not a ‘step down’ low impact building as indicated in the plans, and unneighbourly;

The site plan was misleading in that the concrete access area to the existing garages had been incorrectly included in the site plan. Therefore the actual site was much smaller than indicated;

  • Vehicular access and egress from the proposed two parking spaces was unsuitable – vehicles would need to reverse in or out of the spaces onto the public highway;
  • Traffic and parking were already major issues in Homewood, with parking already restricting access to the garages adjacent to no. 47 Homewood; and
  • The proposed development and additional cars would exacerbate the existing problems including those that emergency services, refuse collection, deliveries etc already had gaining access in and out of Homewood, particularly with an aging population in the vicinity.

The Committee felt that although the application from Arun District Council was for affordable housing and therefore accorded with the relevant made Findon Neighbourhood Development Plan policies, the above objections outweighed any benefits. Resolved: that the Clerk informs the SDNPA that Findon Parish objects to the application on the grounds above.


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