Findon Parish Council April News

Findon Valley, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 21st January 2019.

Speeding in the village…..

With regard to speeding issues in the village, attention was drawn to the intimidating and threatening behaviour that had taken place and which had been reported to Sussex Police and Findon Parish Council (FPC). Several councillors said they had recently experienced speeding in the 20mph roads and lanes. The Arun District (ACD) councillors referred to the Speedwatch initiative in Angmering and the police Operation Speedwatch database which logs complaints from members of the public, issues letters to drivers identified from their number plates, followed by visits if appropriate.

Details of Operation Speedwatch would be published on the FPC and Community web sites, and the draft article circulated to councillors for awareness. In response to a question regarding the purchase of CCTV cameras.

ADC Cllr Wensley explained that there would need to be a demonstrable purpose for such use and ADC’s only purpose was for prevention of crime and disorder. Mr Ball was willing to take an informative/awareness approach at this stage. Councillors could take this matter up with the Police and Crime Commissioner at a later stage if necessary. It was noted that the preferred option from the Traffic, Environment and People (TEP) initiative was for implementation of a 20mph zone rather than 20mph signs by WSCC, however this more expensive as it included traffic calming measures.

…..and on the A24

There was a recent request to the Police Traffic Management Officer for a site visit with WSCC Highways and parish councillors regarding the proposed A24 40mph speed limit. The proposed reduction to a 40mph speed limit would be considered by the Joint East Arun Area Committee (JEAAC) for endorsement

Parish Budget (precept)

Resolved to approve a precept/budget of £45k for the financial year 2019/20,

Replacement Greens Mower

Purchase approved of a John Deere F1580 machine at a net cost of £12606.88 incl VAT (including part exchange allowance of £2434.44); repayments would be made monthly on an interest free basis.


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