How to make a festive wreath for birds using 8 materials

make a wreath for birds

Festive Christmas Wreath for Birds

Tips on giving creatures in your garden a Christmas treat by making an edible wreath for birds, to help them find food over winter and give the family an extra Christmas activity.
As the days get colder, garden and countryside birds can struggle to find food and fresh water naturally. Providing bird food and clean water in the garden can be a good way to help them over winter, as well as give you the chance to see them up close – including possibly some species that are only around in the winter months.

Materials Needed

  1. Pines cones
  2. christmas wreath for birdsLong twigs
  3. Garden wire
  4. Soft lard
  5. Mixing bowl
  6. Holly and other leaves
  7. Bird seed, breadcrumbs and grated cheese
  8. Dried fruits or unsalted nuts

How to Make the Wreath for Birds

  • Twist together bundles of long twigs and fasten with wire into a ring.
  • Squish lard into a soft paste in a bowl.
  • Mix in bird seed, breadcrumbs or grated cheese.
  • Smear over pine cones and decorate with dried fruits and nuts.
  • Attach the cones to the ring with twisted wire.
  • Decorate with festive greenery and hang up your wreath!

Guidance from Sussex Wildlife Trust

Keep birdfeeders and bird baths clean to prevent disease and parasites spreading. Keep bird food and tidbits like the wreath topped up over the winter months for a constant supply of food.


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