Feeling Gorgeous Health and Wellbeing Fair

Feeling Gorgeous Health and Wellbeing Fair is being held at North Hall, Loxwood, West Sussex, RH14 0RJ on 7th October to raise money to buy beehives and beehive training for the parents of some of the must vulnerable children in Kisiriri in Tanzania thereby giving them another form of income.

Annette Gardner who is the organiser of the fair sponsors a child in Tanzania called Alyhaji through World Vision and has been invited on a trip to meet her sponsor child; she is paying for her own trip but has to raise £500 for the beehives.

There will also be an opportunity for adults and children to paint on ceramics and make aromatherapy bracelets. Other stands booked so far include Angel Art, crystals, essential oils. Healthy snacks and tea will also be available and a raffle to win a variety of prizes. There are still some space available and Annette would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to be involved.

Annette is also organising an on-line draw for people who can’t visit but would like to contribute. For every £10 donated they will be entered into a draw to win a doTerra diffuser and Essential Oil starter kit to be drawn at the end of October.


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