Father and daughter artists present a new exhibition at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery

Worthing Museum

After two successful exhibitions at WishLess Gallery in Tokyo and a show at Studio Gallery in London, father and daughter artists, Gary and Bambi Goodman, present a new exhibition at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery this winter.

Opening on 10 February, On a Night Like This is an exhibition which includes paintings, prints and poetrywhich will be on display in the Studio Gallery until 30 June. There will be a reception on the opening afternoon where Gary will be reading some of his poetry. During the exhibition there will be further events and workshops.

Gary Goodman is a painter and poet. His imagery is resoundingly direct, unbothered by artistic self-consciousness and politeness; unrefined, unmannerly yet sensitive. Gary has exhibited his paintings and prints and has performed his poetry around the world: from the frozen wastes of Norway and Alaska down to the warmth of New Zealand and the Southern States of USA.

Gary and Bambi Goodman
Gary and Bambi Goodman

Bambi Goodman is a British artist living and working in Brighton. She has exhibited in galleries and Artists Open Houses in Brighton, and in Japan. She has also produced commercial work for The Japan Times as well as illustrations for albums and LP covers for bands under 1234 Records. Bambi is not precious about her work; although the themes are often personal and sentimental they are generally weighted with a sense of humour. Bambi is influenced by Bob Dylan, Van Gogh and melancholic cowboys.

Bambi Goodman says “I paint what I like – and what I like is women and animals. Japanese schoolgirls, cowgirls, girls reading books, girls falling in love with bears and ravens, Van Gogh’s little lark. They are sensitive paintings, while playful and gaudy at times. There is no use trying to make them any more than they are.”

Emma Walder, Art Curator Worthing Museum & Art Gallery, says: “This father and daughter exhibition is an intriguing concept so it will be interesting to see if, or how Bambi may have been influenced by her father, Gary Goodman.  Will their work be juxtaposed, or complement each other? I know Gary’s work well although I haven’t seen this recent work, I’m drawn to his dark but somehow humorous style. I know many local artists who were taught by Gary and he has worked with the museum on previous projects and exhibitions so this will be a great opportunity to see the work he’s selected for On a Night Like This. The mix of printmaking, poetry and painting will make a stimulating exhibition.”


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