Farmers ready to act to improve air quality

Responding to the Government consultation on the Clean Air Strategy, the CLA said land managers can achieve positive results for air quality and play a crucial role in delivery.

However, the organisation warned that the strategy should recognise the critical need to retain productive capacity alongside improvements in air quality.

CLA President Tim Breitmeyer said: “Farmers and landowners are already taking measures to improve air quality but we can make an even greater contribution as technology and research pave the way for more sustainable production systems.

“It is important that any scheme put in place to help reduce emissions provides genuine incentives that support farm businesses to invest in new infrastructure and equipment in order to deliver sustained improvements.

“It is vital to ensure flexibility and easy engagement for applicants without compromising performance by setting out clear obligations for delivery.

“If regulation is introduced it is essential for the Government to provide appropriate advice and funding to allow businesses to adapt.”

The Government’s draft Clean Air Strategy 2018 sets out actions to improve air quality by reducing pollution from a wide range of sources.

The consultation responses submitted by organisations such as the CLA will inform the final UK Clean Air Strategy and detailed National Air Pollution Control Programme, to be published by March 2019.

Click here to read the CLA’s consultation response in full.

For more information about the CLA and its work, visit and follow @CLASouthEast on Twitter.


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