Falklands War – celebrate the 40th anniversary with Storrington Museum

falklands war anniversary memorial

History of the Falklands War

Veterans, civilians, and bereaved families will be invited to attend an event at the National Memorial Arboretum on Tuesday 14th June to mark 40 years since the end of the conflict.

The Royal British Legion commemorations will focus on the broad range of military and civilian involvement in all aspects of the Falklands campaign, which was unprecedented in modern times.

The Falklands Conflict started on 2nd April 1982 and was the first military action since the Second World War that utilised all elements of the Armed Forces.

The conflict lasted 74 days, during which seven ships were lost to enemy action, nine aircraft were shot down, and 255 British personnel lost their lives. Their names are all inscribed on the Armed Forces Memorial at the Arboretum.

Storrington Museum Falklands War Memorial

The Storrington Branch of the Royal British Legion will lay a wreath at the War Memorial at St Mary’s Church at 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday 14th June.

One of Storrington Museum’s Committee Members who fought in the Falklands War will provide his memories to the Museum in the next few months. Any other veterans, who wish to do the same, can contact storringtonmuseum@hotmail.com.

The Museum is also capturing memories of others who lived in the village or its surrounding area so that this knowledge is retained for posterity; again, please contact the Museum if you would like your reminiscences to be captured.


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