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“The forgotten years: Edwardian Britain 1901 – 1914” with Dr Alan Simmonds

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WEA Course on Edwardian Britain

This course studies British politics, culture, and society during the “Edwardian Age”. They will examine a range of themes and topics from the constitutional crisis of 1910 and beginnings of the welfare state.

Industrial upheavals, emergence of working-class radicalism, growth of militancy from the campaign for women’s suffrage, struggle for Irish Home Rule, changes in Edwardian culture from the music hall, early cinema, emergence of professional sport, challenges to censorship in the theatre and literature, impact of new technologies in transport and the shock of war in 1914.

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Adult: £100 for 10 sessions of 2 hours


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Concession Details: free to benefit claimants

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Name: WEA Billingshurst

Telephone: 01403 337302

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Address: Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9QW

Telephone: 01403 787690

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