Walter Wall: Fragments 2 exhibition in Worthing

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Start time: 10:00
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Local artist, Walter Wall is back at Colonnade House with this latest collection of work.

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Walter Wall Colonnade House exhibition

Fragment 55. ‘There it was. It had shimmered in reflected light. At dawn it became clear that it was mostly surrounded by blue. So it wasn’t all a pigment of my imagination! Reassured, I quickly fell asleep.’

Walter says, “Sometimes I think of my life as a continuum and I’m exposed to a constant sequence of experiences. The experiences are made of a myriad of fragments interconnected in time and space. They come in all forms small or large, sequential or tangential or disconnected and surreal.

“They’re the result of my personal exploration of the idea of simultaneous fragmented experiences and deliberately play with more enigmatic ideas to tease the idea of understanding. They combine fragments of abstract imagery and narrative text. They can also be considered as fragments of my artistic practice which in itself is just a part of my lived experience.”

The exhibition will be viewable through the windows of Colonnade House until 4th January 2023.

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Name: Paula Tollett

Telephone: 01903 221142

Email: [email protected]


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Address: Colonnade House, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 3DH

Telephone: 01903 221293

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