The Lost Woods August Amble – A wander through the wild wood at the Mens Nature Reserve – with Tony Whitbread from the Sussex Wildlife Trust

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Start time: 10:30

End time: 12:30

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A walk in the Mens Nature Reserve on Wednesday 4th August (10.30-12.30) with Tony Whitbread (SWT)

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A Wander through the wild wood with the Lost Woods project, led by Tony Whitbread of the Sussex Wildlife trust. We will be exploring the natural woodlands of the Mens nature reserve and at the end of the walk, we will ask your views on visiting the woods. What makes you visit the woods, what barriers do you think stop people visiting woodlands?

The Mens woodland sits only a few miles from the old wood pasture at Ebernoe Common but is very different in character. A largely unex­plored wood, it certainly has an untamed, mysterious feeling to it and many people describe it as ‘wild’.

A long and varied history of management has seen the reserve move from an open, wood pasture system with huge, spreading parkland trees and pollards to a high forest with closely spaced trees with narrow crowns. A lack of management in recent years has added to this silvicultural diversity. The unusual name of this area comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘ge-mænnes’, meaning common land.

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Child Age Limit: 16

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Name: The Lost Woods Project



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Address: The Mens Nature Reserve, near Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 0HR

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