The Government Inspector by Nkiolai Gogol presented by Southwick Players

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Start time: 19:30
End time: 22:00

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A simple case of mistaken identity exposes the hypocrisy and corruption at the heart of government

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Government Inspector play

This satire on ‘snouts in the trough’ was written nearly 200 years ago, but, some might say, is still very relevant to our own here and now.

When the mayor and civic big-wigs of a hick town in the middle of nowhere  – ‘if you rode a horse for three years you still wouldn’t come to a fold in the map’ – learn a government inspector from St Petersburg has arrived incognito, they panic. The news sends them into a frenzy of fear. They pray this stranger won’t lay bare their greed and corruption. What to do? Simple. Bribe the government inspector. Big time. But all is not what it seems.

The Government Inspector is a very, very funny play.  A ‘laugh-out-loud’ evening.

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Adult: £12


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Name: Southwick Players

Telephone: 0333 666 3366

Email: [email protected]


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Address: Barn Theatre, Southwick, West Sussex, BN42 4TE

Telephone: 0333 666 3366

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