The Climate Cafe – Worthing

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Start time: 19:00
End time: 20:30

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An inclusive space offering participants support over their fears concerning the climate crisis.

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Climate Cafe to explore feelings about climate crisis

As it becomes more evident that climate and ecological breakdown are a clear and present danger to safety and wellbeing, people increasingly need to talk about what the changing world means in terms of impacts at personal, family and societal level.

With sturdy enough support structures in place, most people can sustain challenging feelings without either dissociating and numbing or going into blind panic. They can engage with difficult truths whilst staying connected and grounded.

A climate café aims to be such a structure – a container that is strong enough to allow the exploration of fear, anxiety, and other emotions such as anger, helplessness, sadness, grief or depression.
The focus of discussion is participants’ thoughts and feelings about the climate and ecological crisis. There are no guest speakers and no talks, and it is an advice-free zone.

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Adult: donation


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Name: crew

Email: [email protected]


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Address: CREW, Worthing, West Sussex, BN113AL

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