Race to the South Pole & the Sussex Connection – 2022 talk

Race to the South Pole & the Sussex Connection

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Start time: 14:30

End time: 16:00

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The contest between Amundsen and Scott as they race to the South Pole, which reaches a tragic climax.

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Race to the South Pole

The race to the South Pole is a saga that began 200 years ago with an Irish navigator and Russian seaman who first set eyes on Antarctica. It recalls the British mariners who braved the pack ice in sailing ships to map the frozen continent, and reaches a tragic climax in the contest between Amundsen and Scott.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith is an authority on Polar exploration, whose books have sold copies worldwide. He has appeared in TV and radio documentaries and lectured at venues, including: Royal Geographical Society and Scott Polar Research Institute Cambridge. Michael has also appeared at many literary festivals and is a regular speaker to local history and literary societies.

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A talk at the Storrington Museum on 4th February 2022 – tickets £6 for visitors. www.storringtonmuseum.com

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Adult: £6


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Concession Details: £5 Members

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Name: Storrington Museum

Email: storringtonmuseum@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.storringtonmuseum.com

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Address: Storrington Museum, Storrington, West Sussex, RH20 4LL

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