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Start time: 19:30

End time: 21:30

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“A Long Way South”, a talk by photographer John Nathan ARPS on his photographic experiences in South Georgia

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Midhurst Camera Club March speaker

This month’s Midhurst Camera Club Speaker’s evening is on the subject the Falklands, South Georgia and Antartica called “A Long Way South” by the photographer John Nathan ARPS.

John is an amateur photographer, and has been interested in travel photography for most of his life. In 2010 he visited the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica and in this talk he will share his photographic experiences of his time there. “I hope to give you a feeling of what it is like to stand in remote South Georgia” says John.

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The Midhurst Camera Club is a club for people who are into photography. This Speaker’s evening is to be held via Zoom, and the link will be sent by the club to people who register their interest. First club sessions are free. Contact them via email website@midhurstcameraclub.co.uk. Website: http://midhurstcameraclub.co.uk/

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Name: Shaun Soper

Email: website@midhurstcameraclub.co.uk

Website: http://midhurstcameraclub.co.uk/

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Online - Platform Zoom

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