Matabeleland to Southern Rhodesia – an extraordinary adventure

Jill Baker The Horns book

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Jill Baker gives a deeply personal and compelling account of being brought up in Zimbabwe

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Born and reared in Zimbabwe, Jill Baker sudied piano at Guildhall School of Music. She returned home to a career in radio & TV. Then she formed Co-Ord-A-Nation to help women cope during troubles. Having settled in Adelaide in 1983 she was awarded the Australian Order of Merit in 2005 for founding the Zimbabwean Connection whose work in resettling Zimbabwean nurses, farmers, and other skilled traders in Australia. This involved the resettlement and support of over 300 families.

Jill is author of The Horns, the first book of the Zambesi Trilogy and other titles. Her talk will give a deeply personal and compelling account of being brought up in what was first Southern Rhodesia, then Rhodesia and now Zimbabwe amongst Matabele boys. This presentation will discover, discuss, argue and try to find answers by making sense of this country’s history.

This talk will be unique as Jill is in Australia and cannot travel due to Covid restictions but we can still be ‘with her’ because of zoom.

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