Lauren Cochrane – The Ten: The Stories Behind the Fashion Classics

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Lauren Cochrane – The Ten: The Stories Behind the Fashion Classics, In conversation with Olivia Cole

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Fashion writer Lauren Cochrane has produced a social and cultural history of the 10 items we all wear every day in an illustrated new book complete with photography.

In conversation with Olivia Cole, Lauren discusses what you are wearing. In all likelihood, your outfit will feature at least one of her chosen 10 items, each an emblem of a certain style, carrying its own connotations and historical significance. They aren’t just clothes in this illustrated story – they’re vessels that hold the history of style, politics and identity.

The Ten includes deep dive explorations into each item’s history, examining how it gained its reputation, and what it means today, ranging from the miniskirt and the hoodie to the evolution of the white T-shirt, from army staple to symbol of achingly cool simplicity.

Lauren Cochrane’s The Ten puts years of fashion into context.

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Address: St Mary's Church, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0AD

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