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Start time: 19:30

End time: 21:30

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The ‘Just-So’ story-book is packed with characters & songs from ‘The time of the Very Beginning’.

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The Just-So story-book is packed with quirky characters and exhilarating high energy songs from ‘The Time of the Very Beginning’; when the Eldest Magician helps all the earth’s creatures to find their individuality, to ‘If’ and the finale when we discover how the elephant got its trunk!

Stiles & Drewe’s beast’s: from menacing Leaopards, ditzy Zebra & Giraffes, the predatory Rhino & Crocodile and the flighty flamingo-pink Kolokolo Bird, all bring the magical settings to life as they each undertake dangerous quests, discovering truths & insights about life along the way. Slick, fast-moving & in this period of climate change, not without some important messages – yes – it really can take just one small person to have a big idea!

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Adult: £16

Child: FREE

Child Age Limit: under 5's

Concession Details: £14 / NUS £8

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Name: Hazel Latus

Email: hazel.latus@regiscentre.co.uk

Website: http://www.alexandratheatre.co.uk

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Address: Alexandra Theatre, Regis Centre, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 1BN

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