Jo Jones: ‘Sea, Sun, Salt & Sparkle’ & ‘Seasons’ in Worthing

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Start time: 10:00
End time: 17:00

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Jo Jones will be exhibiting two shows for her two week exhibition in May.

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Jo Jones two week exhibition

For the first week, you can catch ‘Sea, Sun, Salt & Sparkle’ in the gallery until Sunday. For the second week you can catch ‘Seasons’, “a painterly nod to what a wonderful world this is.”

Sea, Sun, Salt & Sparkle, is a painterly homage to that magical great creative force.

“I could never do it full justice, but I feel it a privilege as a local painter, to be living close to Water and able to feel its inspiration.”

“I love the roll of the year and the promise of Spring after the resting and regenerating Winter, the colourful cacophony of Summer, and the untidy fruitful Autumn. Food for both body and soul. As the People of this planet, we are so very blessed.”

“I want to live in a world where we protect our beautiful planet, our great home in the cosmos. Let us learn to give thanks for all we receive from her, and keep our grateful thoughts on that abundance. Without it, we are lost.”

Seasons is a painterly nod to what a wonderful world this is.

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Name: Colonnade House

Telephone: 01903 221142

Email: [email protected]


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Address: Colonnade House, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 3DH

Telephone: 01903 221293

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