Isabel Hardman – The Natural Health Service

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Isabel Hardman – The Natural Health Service, In conversation with Megan Thomas

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Isabel Hardman is a media and print journalist, currently Assistant Editor of The Spectator and the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Week in Westminster.

In 2016, she fell prey to severe depression and anxiety. She took time off on long-term sick leave and despite several relapses has returned to work with a much-improved ability to cope. She has since become a prominent public voice on mental health.

She credits her better health to her passion for exercise, nature and the great outdoors. In The Natural Health Service, she draws on her own personal experience, interviews with mental illness  psychologists and people suffering with it, and the latest research to examine what role wildlife and exercise can play in helping anyone cope with mental illness.

Isabel Hardman on The Natural Health Service in St Mary’s Church, 3rd of November.

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