Goddesses smile on Hastings Storytelling Festival

Helen Epega

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The Goddesses are smiling on Hastings Storytelling Festival which concludes this weekend

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Saturday 23rd October celebrates Goddesses and Heroines at the Stade.

2-3pm, Sussex Storyteller, Xanthe Gresham invites audiences to ride through the forest to Baba Yaga’s hut of bones and surf the spray to play with Aphrodite’s dolphins.

4pm storyteller Emily Hennessey and sitar player, Sheema Mukherjee, take audiences on a tuk-tuk ride through sun-kissed palaces and scented markets in Kali (Suitable for ages 14+).

7pm ‘The Pledge’ on the Stade combines music from local musician, Juliet Russell’s new album Vox Salva. The founder of the Red Rebel Brigade, Doug Francisco will join locals, Laura Coppin and Rosy Pendlebury. Creative collective, the Venus Bushfires, Nigerian-British singer-songwriter with composer and performance artist Helen Epega will perform music and stories that explore the sensual and spiritual.

9pm in Stade Hall, in Oracle of Demarcated Bodies (ages 16+), Brazilian performance artist, Livia Gaudencio, in collaboration with Violeta Luna from Mexico, explores Goddess Power in response to Jair Bolsonaro’s recent legislation to open indigenous lands to new deforestation.

There is storytelling at Children’s Day on the Stade on Sunday 24 October (12pm – 4pm) This day includes stories, workshops, performances, puppet shows, drumming and a Roald Dahl inspired Parade through the Old Town.

For the full programme, see www.hastingsstoryfest.org.uk

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Name: Naomi Robson

Email: naomi@18hours.org.uk

Website: www.hastingsstoryfest.org.uk

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