Fearless Connection Volume Two Book Launch

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Eight inspiring female entrepreneurs collaborate to share advice, insights & wisdom to help others.

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East Sussex-based Sales and Business Strategist Becomes Best-selling Author As They Share How They Became ‘Fearless in Business’ in New Best-selling Business Book Celebrating Grit

Johanne Stimson, CEO of Go To Jo Ltd from South Chailey is delighted to be celebrating being a bestselling author as part of their inclusion in the a new motivational book; ‘Fearless Connection’, which continues to climb the charts globally.

Johanne is delighted to have teamed up with eight amazing women, as they collectively share their struggles, triumphs and wisdom so others can become fearless in business and use their failures and challenges as fuel, to spur them on to create a business that they adore.

This book has been brought together by Nicola Peake, 44, who is a mum and entrepreneur from Bridgnorth, Shropshire and Founder of Peakes Private Members Club.

This book has been published by Discover Your Bounce Publishing run by Nicky Marshall.

To buy a copy click : https://geni.us/KVSfxkB

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Name: Johanne Stimson

Email: jo@gotojo.co.uk

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