Dispelling & Preserving The Moorish style Mudejar

tower church mudejar

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The preservation of the Mudejar style in Spain after the Reconquest of 1492.

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Lecture on how Christians continued to build the Mudejar

This lecture will examine how after the ‘Reconquista’ of Spain, which began long before 1492, Christians continued to build in a Moorish style, called Mudejar. The lecture begins in Toledo in 1085 showing buildings which fuse Muslim, Christian and Jewish building styles. It ends in Granada at the Alhambra.

It will chart the gradual take back which took 400 years and affected the whole continent. It will examine how the Christians took back Spain, mostly destroying 800 years of cultural heritage yet at the same time there are examples of how they preserved and admired the culture.

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Name: The Arts Society South Downs

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.theartssocietysouthdowns.org.uk

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Address: Fittleworth Village Hall, Fittleworth, West Sussex, RH20 1JB

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