Circle Dance & European Folk Dance in Storrington

circle dancing-folk-dancing

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Start time: 14:15

End time: 16:15

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All dances are taught, dance in circles and lines so no partners are needed.

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Circle Dance and Folk Dance

Dancing in circles has persisted in some cultures since ancient times, being used to mark special occasions and strengthen communities.

Modern Circle Dancing draws on the rich and diverse traditional dances of many countries, including the Balkans, Greece, Israel and Russia, together with a growing repertoire of new dances to modern and classical music.

The dances may be gentle and reflective or energetic and lively. The aim is always to experience the joy of dancing with others and to create a sense of well-being and community. Anyone of any age or ability can circle dance. All dances are taught, they vary in speed, rhythm and complexity which means there is something for everyone.

Please wear soft shoes and layers.

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Adult: £6


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Name: Sue Kewley

Telephone: 01903744929


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Address: Sullington and Storrington Paris Hall, Storrington, West Sussex, RH203PP

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