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“South-East England at work” course lead by local Geographer Dr. Geoffery Mead over 10 weeks

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This course looks at a variety of aspects of work in South-East England, both in historical and modern times. From iron & glass in the past to Hi-Tech & leisure trades today. How does work change over time and how has it changed our landscape? We look at a variety of aspects to do with our working lives and that of our predecessors in a range of localities and across a number of time periods.
Wednesday afternoons for 10 weeks (2pm to 4pm)

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Adult: £90 for 10 sessions (20 hours tuition)


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Name: David

Telephone: +441403337302



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Address: Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9QW

Telephone: +441403787690

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