A Tale of Two Cities

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Start time: 19:30

End time: 22:00

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A Charles Dickens’ story not to be missed.

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Two of the most famous lines in English Literature bookend Dickens’ epic and magnificent novel A Tale of Two Cities.

It begins “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” and it was a tale of love – requited and unrequited, of loyalty, of spies and treachery, of fear and courage, all set against the harsh background of the French Revolution.

This wonderful stage adaptation of Dickens’ sweeping story is told by the proprietors and customers of a coaching inn – they transform the coach yard into the Bastille prison, the London home of Dr Manette, the road to Dover and the Defarge wine shop in Paris.

In the shadow of Madame Guillotine, Lucie and her father fight to save the life of her husband Charles Darnay, incarcerated as an enemy of the state. Meanwhile, Madame Defarge knits the names of all transgressors into a long, long scarf that she will use to bring them to their end.

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Name: Southwick Players

Email: info@southwickplayers.co.uk

Website: https://southwickplayers.org.uk

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Address: The Barn Theatre, Southwick, West Sussex, BN42 4NS

Telephone: 0333 666 3366

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