Essential roadworks at Thomas a Becket and Findon Valley in mid October

Essential road resurfacing is scheduled to take place soon at the Thomas A’Becket crossroads in Worthing and on a stretch of the A24 in Findon Valley.

Significant weakening of surfaces

Both road surfaces are showing signs of significant weakening: the new surfaces will be smoother, which will reduce road noise, and will be more resilient to potholes. Both sets of resurfacing will involve night-time works.

The road surface weakening in Findon Valley

Every effort will be made to try to minimise disruption as much as possible: for example, our contractor will try its best to carry out the noisiest operations in the earliest part of the evening and before 11pm.

Pedestrian access will be maintained and shops and other businesses will be able to open as normal. Hours of work will generally be between 8pm and 6am. More details on the works are as follows:

A24 Findon Road, Findon Valley

This project will involve resurfacing Findon Road’s approaches to the pedestrian crossing near Cissbury Avenue and is scheduled to take place on 16 October and then 19 and 20 October, subject to factors such as severe weather. There will be replacement high-friction surfacing on the approaches to the pedestrian crossing, which will also improve safety.

A length of Findon Road will be controlled by temporary two-way traffic lights and Cissbury Avenue, at its junction with Findon Road, will be closed for a period during which vehicles will be diverted via a signed diversion route.

Thomas A’Becket crossroads: also known as Poulters Corner

The approaches to the Thomas A’Becket crossroads will be resurfaced in Poulters Lane, Littlehampton Road, Rectory Road and Offington Lane, between 19 and 22 October.

Road sufaces is wearing out at Thomas a’Becket crossroads Worthing

Each approach road will be closed in phases and a signed diversion set up for through traffic. The work will be co-ordinated with traffic light upgrading at the crossroads, which will be ongoing in the daytime and will run until mid-November. The pedestrian crossing points will also be improved throughout the junction.


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