End of Life Planning Event in Storrington

The Storrington Community Partnership is planning to hold an event in the autumn which may to some be unusual, but which tackles areas of our lives we talk too little about.

A few months ago a local resident approached one of the Trustees of the SCP asking if a show could be put on, similar but very different to the two Storrington On Show Volunteering Fairs held over the last 3 years.

This resident had encountered the Power of Attorney process, nursed an elderly relative, and finally arranged that person’s funeral. Looking after all the matters related to his estate including probate also came his way.

He wondered if all that knowledge could be presented in a friendly and congenial setting, to the general public, in order to answer the myriad questions families and relatives may have, and help them on the right path.

The SCP Trustees felt that this seemed a positive project to undertake, and have already set on a course of consultation with community groups to find out what others think.

Rotary, Lions, the WI and other local groups are currently providing valuable ideas, and are all in support of the event.

It is intended that professionals such as a lawyer, a minister of the church, an independent celebrant, and a funeral director, together with staff from Age UK Horsham and CAB will be invited. Other essential participants will be St. Barnabas Hospice, and other voluntary groups that support those who have been bereaved, or are caring for sick relatives.

This then is a Later Life Planning event, with the objective of giving visitors the opportunity to discuss the issues arising from planning end of life care and the associated arrangements, with those agencies that provide services in this field, at no cost.

The Old School Hall, Storrington has been booked for the 12th October, and free admission is from 10.00 to 1.00. Refreshments will be available in a relaxed atmosphere, where visitors can discuss matters they have explored there.

Nearer the time, there will be more publicity, banners, posters and flyers, to promote this event as fully as possible

If you have views or ideas on this subject, do please contact the Community Partnership through the Storrington Website or to [email protected]


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