Electric cars

Electric cars set to overtake diesels in popularity

More than one in five drivers now say their next car will be all-electric – overtaking diesel and hybrid buying intentions for the first time – shooting EVs into second place as motorists’ preferred power option.

The findings are especially significant because they come from the mainstream car market, rather than an audience specifically interested in electric vehicles. Vicky Parrott, Associate Editor of DrivingElectric.com, said: “This is a big moment for the EV market, with electric cars poised to become the second most popular type on the road. We’re now seeing a breakthrough in the perceptions of electric vehicles, from a niche phenomenon to a genuinely mainstream choice.”

EVs have now shot up to 22%, with diesel sliding to 19%, hybrids falling to 16% and petrol also significantly down, at 37%.

Kia e-Niro Wins Best Electric Car 2019


Kia scooped the title at the Business Car Awards 2019. These awards recognise manufacturers that demonstrate outstanding customer service as well as innovative products, and are judged by industry experts, including well-known road testers.
Delivering the verdict from the judges, Stuart Thomas, Director of Fleet and Accident Management at the AA, commented: “The Kia e-Niro combines the range capability of a premium electric car with the accessibility of a high-specification family crossover. The Kia makes the ownership experience of an electric car very easy and sets a new benchmark.”

All New Maserati Models to be Electrified

Maserati has announced that all of its new models will adopt hybrid and battery electric propulsion systems. It has also said that all new Maserati, including the updated current models, will offer a range of autonomous driving capabilities. This is earmarked to happen in 2020 and the Maserati Ghibli, produced in Turin, will be the first hybrid electric propulsion for the brand. They add: “The first of the totally new Maserati to appear will be the eagerly anticipated sports car – packed with technology and reminiscent of Maserati’s traditional values.


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