Eastergate Parish Council News for October

St George's Church, Eastergate

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 30th August 2018

County Councillor report

County Councillor Mr Whittington advised members of concern relating to an application at The Bowries and reference was made to a 2 ft. footway. Reference was made to the proposed upgrade to the Yapton level crossing information meeting. It was felt that this was an information meeting rather than a consultation. Mr Cramp will be attending on behalf of the council was undertaken.

Community Facilities and Project Manager report

The Facilities Manager reported that a grant application had been made for a sum of £60,000 on behalf of Aldingbourne, Barnham and Eastergate PC’s to combat loneliness.

Reference was made to a meeting of the Sportsfield User group with the cricket club encouraging youth participation but the football club not being interested in under 18 engagement. The Stoolball club did not attend but the Barnham Trojans FC did. Members were advised that the Trojans would be using the field and that the fees had been agreed by the Facilities Manager.

Early sketches had been received from for the proposed new pavilion building. Members were advised of a busy July period with the remaining funds from the de-fibrillator funds being used to improve the hall.

A wedding party at the Hall had been successful and a Wedding Fayre was to be an event on Saturday the 8th September. Members considered a request for the balcony to be used by the C.F. Manager as an office. The installation of the multi-media sound system was mentioned. The small boiler had finally given up the ghost and there would be a refund of £90 of the cost of previous repair to be taken from the replacement cost. There was a proposal for a police cycle meeting to take place at the hall.


Members discussed applications at the Bowries, where there was a proposal for 28 houses and Bexstone, with 10 houses. Members considered the response from the Southern Land Owners’ Group and the conflict with the adopted Local plan and the BE Neighbourhood Plan.

The Chairman referred to the allocation of housing and the likely 1750 houses to be shared out among the parishes. This would likely mean 75-100 houses in Eastergate, most of which have already been built or are planned.



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