Eastergate Parish Council May News

Edited extracts from the draft meeting minutes of the Parish Council on 7th March 2019.

Public  Questions

Members were asked whether they could assist the Claremont Lodge Nursing Home by installing a street light outside their premises. The premises were extremely difficult to locate after dark. Members considered that they could assist with their efforts to persuade the Highways Agency, or others, to install street lighting at the northern end of Fontwell Avenue.   It was resolved that the request for street lighting be carried forward to Barnham & Eastergate Parish Council.

The Chairman remarked that Dandara, who were developing the land opposite the racecourse, were being pressed to assist with access ways and other areas where the community would benefit

Members were asked about the phasing of development and the provision of primary school places. Members were reminded that there were already developments of 268 properties by Wimpey and 500 by Barratts.

The Chairman indicated likely development of 1,436 homes to be built in the 5 to 10-year phase of development. Provision for two primary schools in the southern arc were anticipated in years 10 to 15. Using the calculator of 3 houses requiring 1 primary school place, the reality was that one and a half times the Barnham primary school places would be required, but not allowed for. It was noted Eastergate primary school was already receiving applications for places from residents in Tangmere.

Planning & Environment

Members considered the Chairman’s press briefing relating to the local plan and A29 consultation prepared on behalf of Aldingbourne, Barnham and Eastergate Parish Councils.

Members were advised of a report of a property in Gospond Road, Barnham being used as a car breakers as well dog breeding. Members were aware that Gospond Road was a regular route to school for many children.

It was also reported that a bus-stop had appeared to be removed by Taylor Wimpey, although this was noted to be in Aldingbourne parish.


Members were advised of concern being expressed by a parishioner that horse-riding was not allowed on multimodal paths.



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