Eastergate Parish Council January News

St George's Church, Eastergate

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 1st November 2018


Members were advised of planning decisions and that applications in respect of the MicroPub, Hairdressers using the old bank building and the Bexstone and Boweries applications had been withdrawn. Members considered the following applications being EG/66/18/HH, EG/65/18/HH, EG/70/18/HH, EG/72/18/HH, AL/15/17/PL. (no objection); EG/71/18/T (refer to ADC arboroculturalist) and

Members discussed correspondence from the ”Weald Group” who sought support to oppose changes to planning control which would allow fracking operations without planning permission being necessary.

Members also considered correspondence from a parishioner who had discussed the possibility of planting new trees on the sportsfield open space area to be in place when other trees reached the end of their lives. It was considered that such planting would prevent the use of the land as an “open space” and interfere with its use by children for playing.

Community Facilities and Project Managers Reports

The CFM advised members of events at the hall with several new groups joining. There were spaces available in the diary on Monday and Wednesday mornings only.

The contractor instructed to replace the double doors on eastern flank of the hall had failed to undertake the work and the second choice contractor from the tendering process would be asked to undertake the work.

It was reported that there was to be a community brunch at the start of the New Year and reference was made to a lack of response to the pavilion audit survey, by one of the users.

Members were advised that the architect’s plans for the replacement pavilion should be available in December.

The CFM reported that the Croft Surgery was recommending the halls coffee mornings to patients and that she was in talks with WSCC with a view to having a static library in the hall to replace the mobile library.

Members discussed the plans for redevelopment of Barnham Square. It was understood that the development company were in talks with Govia in relation to car parking. In  January 2019, there was due to be a full consultation regarding the development of Barnham centre.



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