Eastergate Parish Council December News

St George's Church, Eastergate

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 4th October 2018.

Barnham Square

Two representatives of retail operators in Barnham Square were in attendance and asked about the recent meeting held with the owners of Barnham Square in respect of the possible regeneration project for the area. They were concerned that the first they had heard of any possible regeneration proposal and the impact that might have on the local businesses was through mention of the recent meeting in the local parish magazine. The Chairman was surprised by the comment as at the meeting that took place both Parishes (Barnham and Eastergate) had been assured that retail operators had been informed of possible regeneration plans coming forward in due course. The Chairman informed those present that a further meeting was taking place on 9th October and the first item he would raise was the concern about a lack of communication with the local businesses and inform them of the response.

Merger with Barnham Parish Council

The Chairman inserted this as an additional item as Arun District Council’s Full Council meeting had considered the recommendation from the Electoral Services Review Committee to approve the merger of Barnham and Eastergate Parish Councils with effect from 1st April 2019. The Council had approved the recommendation and the merger would now take place.

Leading up to that date would require a lot of work and the Chairman suggested that a shadow joint Parish Council be put in place meeting some time in November to set out an agenda of two requirements. The main item would be setting a draft precept for the new Council which would need to be agreed early in the New Year. The Chairman then asked for volunteers to

sit on the Shadow Council and two members agreed. to serve.

Barnham Parish had agreed the principle but had yet not nominated representatives. Both Clerks would also be required to attend the meetings.

Hall bookings improve

Bookings were improving and continuing improvements were being made to the Hall. Plans being drawn up for improvements to the Sports Pavilion in the hope that in the future funds might be forthcoming from S106 contributions from future developments. The budget was also improving month on month and the Chairman commended the Manager for her work in bringing the Hall into profit.



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