Eastergate Council February News

St George's Church, Eastergate

Edited extracts from the draft meeting minutes of the Parish Council on 6th December 2018

Merger with Barnham PC

Members were advised of a meeting of the shadow council consisting of the Clerk and two councillors from both parishes. The Chairman attended on behalf of both councils.

The first item dealt with at the meeting was position of Clerk. Members of both present councils felt that the Clerk needed to be available in the villages during the day. As a result, the Eastergate Clerk, who works fulltime, was unable to take up the position. A voluntary redundancy package was under consideration and the Clerk would be retained for up to one year to ensure knowledge was not lost.

The budget for the joint council had been proposed by Arun DC at a figure of £101,000. The present councils sought a precept of £108,000 and this suggestion has been accepted by ADC.

Members were advised of technical details including the fact that Barnham Parish Council and Eastergate Parish Council would be abolished on the 31st March 2019. The new Barnham & Eastergate Parish Council would be created on the 1st April 2019 but without any councillors as the elections for councillors would take place at the beginning of May. There are to be 13 new councillors on the new council.

It was considered appropriate for members allowances to be paid, unless the councillor wrote to the Clerk to say that they did not wish to receive their allowance.This was intended to encourage a wider range of parishioners to join the council.

The next meeting was expected to consider the committee structure as well as strategy and production of a new section 106 wish, list. There was not anticipated to be any further staffing changes.

The Sportsfield

A new pavilion would likely cost in the order of 1.1 to 1.2 million pounds. The Cricket Club were committed to assisting the working group to push this project forward. Plans would be shown to members, when received and that the cricket club would be engaged in the process. Members were advised of continuing problems with Yapton FC. Concern as to bad behaviour and language, with public complaints, were not acceptable and the committee remained concerned as to the nature of the alcohol licence and the policing of the same. A named Responsible person was needed for every occasion when alcohol was being consumed.



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