Eastbourne Greenpeace help protect beaches

This event, put on by Eastbourne Greenpeace, on Saturday17th February is part of The Climate Coalition’s annual “Show the Love” initiative. Every year, people across the UK put on events and activities to get local people involved in initiatives which protect the natural beauty of our country and planet.

Eastbourne Greenpeace decided to focus their event on the beaches in Eastbourne, every year the tides get higher and more plastic waste, is washed up on our beaches, a local Greenpeace volunteer, Evie Sier, explained why this issue was so important to the group, and why they wanted to raise awareness on the issue locally:

“Eastbourne’s beaches are a fundamental part of what makes Eastbourne special, and are in danger as climate change is increasing the rate of coastal erosion. They are also being polluted by plastic waste so cleaning up our beaches is so important. Please get involved in the up and coming Eastbourne beach cleans which are as follows:-

  • 22nd February at 10.30 am, meet at holywell
  • 3rd March at 2pm, meet at the redoubt
  • 24th March at 10am, meet at the life boat museum

Full details of all these beaches cleans can be found on the Marine Conservation Society website”

Stephen Lloyd, Liberal Democrat MP for Eastbourne and the party’s spokesperson for Work and Pensions, has joined Eastbourne Greenpeace at their “Show the Love” event, part of an annual celebration of all that we love but could lose because of damage to our planet and climate.

Stephen Lloyd, joined Eastbourne Greenpeace in calling for action on Eastbourne, commented:

“A number of constituents and groups have contacted me to say they want to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to keep our beach clean. I think this is absolutely brilliant and am keen to support any groups in our town who wish to step up like this. This event hosted by Greenpeace on Saturday starts with a beach clean organised by the Marine conservation society, on the 3rd March at 2pm, but also uses it to publicise the current concerns around climate change. I am delighted to join in and support the team in what they are doing”.

If you cannot make any of the beach cleans, but would like to find out how you can help Eastbourne Greenpeace with their environmental campaigns, they meet on 1st Tuesday of the month at 8pm at the Vinyl frontier, Grove road.


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