Donate a tree scheme sees more than 300 trees being planted

Trees arrive at depot donate a tree scheme

Donate a tree scheme

More than 300 young trees were delivered on lorries to a Highways depot – and are being planted across West Sussex as part of the County Council’s donate a tree scheme.

The majority have been part-funded by residents and will be planted near their homes, or an appropriate “green space”. All sites are subject to a visit by an arboriculturist to check for suitability, the other trees have been funded by the council.

For the first three years after planting, each tree will receive an annual visit from the Young Tree Maintenance Team. They will inspect and carry out any routine maintenance/pruning required.

Residents donation

Horsham born-and-bred Sue Sheppard and some neighbours contributed a Flowering Japanese Cherry through the scheme. Sue explained: “A tree blew down last winter in the grass area in front of our homes in Horsham and fell over a footpath. I was on the council’s website, looking at how to report it, when I noticed the Donate a Tree scheme and thought it sounded interesting.

“A group of neighbours started a WhatsApp group when Covid-19 started and a number of us clubbed together to contribute to the scheme.”


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