Relaxed restrictions mean dog walkers could get more space to explore in Worthing

dog walking field

Certain areas in Worthing set to lift bans on dog walking

Worthing Borough Council is considering plans to open up more areas to dog walkers.

Proposals are being examined after a consultation over the summer in which local residents and businesses had their say on the town’s existing public space protection order (PSPO) covering dog control and welfare. The PSPO designates where dog walking is banned and in which areas they are allowed but must be kept on leads.

Worthing’s Joint Strategic Sub-Committee supported plans to consider relaxing some restrictions on dog walking.

Under the proposed plans, the gardens at Heene Terrace would become an area where dogs are allowed as long as they are walked on a lead. Currently, the area is a dog exclusion zone.

Dog walking would also no longer be banned from being walked in the north east corner of West Park Recreation Ground and the northern boundary of the Goring beach huts.

The Council is also considering formally designating the most northern of Beach House Park’s five bowling greens as an off-lead dog area, as the green is already informally used as a dog exercise area.

Public Space Protection Order to be amended

The existing PSPO expires in December. It bans dog fouling, sets a limit of six on the number of dogs that can be walked by one person and bans them from recreation areas where dog exclusion orders are on display as well as Highdown Gardens and the gardens at Heene Terrace.

From 1st May to 30th September each year they are also banned from the seashore between Heene Road and Splash Point, and in Goring between the slipway west of the yacht club and the slipway to the south of Seafield Avenue.

It also says dog owners must keep their pets on a lead on roads, pavements and grass verges as well as in cemeteries, allotments, car parks, and other areas including the pier, Denton Gardens, Beach House Park and Marine Gardens. The full PSPO can be reviewed at,142670,smxx.pdf.

Breaching a PSPO is a criminal offence for which a fixed penalty notice of £100 can be given.

The amended order would remain in place for a further three years and would then be reviewed again.

Worthing Borough Council comment on relaxing restrictions

Cllr Vicki Wells, Worthing’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “Worthing is perfectly located for dog lovers, nestled between the beautiful Downs and the shorefront.

“By looking to relax restrictions on dogs in some areas, but keeping many of the existing rules, we are trying to strike a balance that means our shared open spaces are effectively managed and can be enjoyed by all residents, including responsible dog owners.”

The proposals will be considered by a meeting of Worthing’s Full Council on 20th October.


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