‘Dismantle For Flow’ Spoken Art Performance

‘Dismantle For Flow’ is a spoken art performance performing on Saturday the 29th of June, 3.30pm – 4.30pm at “The Studio” New Park Community Centre, New Park Road, Chichester PO19 7XY.

Artist Philomena Harmsworth said:

“‘Dismantle for Flow’ is a spoken and visual journey; a pause on my way round understanding the world- I have had to dismantle my thoughts to allow flow. My writing is visual and my paintings narrative, to me these are the same, only utilizing different mediums. The presentation will be of poetry, art, video and a book (“So Far…”*).

I am reveling in the place where art forms cross over: I have cut my paintings out and incorporated them into 3D models, my sculptures are paintings on a 3D surface, my writing embroiders poetry with spoken visuals; “Dismantle for Flow” is performance art that will show how all these practices merge- breaking new territory with the deluge.

“Dismantle for Flow”, has been two years in the making, born from a book I made “So Far….”*. My time spent writing has unearthed new directions: “So Far…” shows the creative journey in a lineal time line, the narrative for “Dismantle for Flow” considers time as cyclic that surrounds and encompasses “So Far…”.

“So Far…”

“So Far…” is a piece of artwork in book format with poetry, considerations, paintings and surprises.

The narrative of “So Far…” is told in a myriad of short stories that kaleidoscope together to make up the whole, each page a new chapter.

“So Far…” is half professionally printed, and half hand finished. I wanted it to have the feel of a sketchbook, in a way that it is still a beautiful item, but has all those stuck-in feely bits. with handwritten ideas and lots and lots of images.

I am limiting the run to 100; each having its own unique individuality.

Antony Penrose, son of Roland Penrose and Lee Miller has written the forward.

The Book is bound in book cloth and each one signed and numbered, then wrapped in clear cellophane with a care label inserted- a collector’s item.”


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