Haywards Heath Town Council team up with Cloudy Foundation to develop a Microsoft app

Cloudy Foundation

Developing an app to help manage the Town Council’s jobs

Haywards Heath Town Council have partnered with the Cloudy Foundation on their Enterprise Academy Programme and are inviting local students interested in ICT and business to take part to develop a Microsoft app.

This digital learning experience will give ICT and Business students the opportunity to develop a Microsoft app to help log and manage the range of jobs undertaken by the Town Council’s Grounds Team, including allotments, the Cemetery, the War Memorial, flower beds, hanging baskets, graffiti removal, helping out at Town Council events and Christmas Light Displays.

The project will start on 1st November 2022 and will be led by an online community of young people, supported by industry experts and educational mentors.

Providing “experiences for young people to work on tech projects”

Cllr Michael Pulfer, Leader, Haywards Heath Town Council comments: “The Cloudy Foundation provide experiences for young people to work on tech projects that help organisations such as the Town Council, enabling students to develop new skills and to gain early work experience and exciting career opportunities.

“Some former students on the Enterprise Academy programme now work for Cloud IT as a result of the experience they gained on projects like ours and our Grounds Team have already been working with the Cloudy Foundation to set out their objectives for this new app.

“We are delighted and excited to work with the Cloudy Foundation to provide opportunities to young people in our local schools and colleges in Haywards Heath and we encourage all young people interested in ICT or business to register.”

To register for this project, visit cloudyfoundation.org.uk/projects/haywards-heath-town-council or email [email protected] to find out more.

About the Cloudy Foundation

The Cloudy Foundation is a charity that connects and works with businesses, schools/colleges, parents and students to educate and enable young people to make a contribution to the modern digital workplace.

Through their Tech Labs and Enterprise Academy, young people work on digital projects that serve the needs of businesses and councils and benefit them and the wider community for the longer term.

These projects give young people creative licence to discover, develop and celebrate new technical and interpersonal skills, build relationships with educational mentors and open up exciting new employment opportunities.


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