£150 council tax energy rebate claim reminder for Adur and Worthing residents

Council Tax energy rebate (£150)

Households yet to claim energy rebate

As part of the government’s initiative to help people with rising energy costs, anyone living in households in Bands A to D on April 1st, 2022 is eligible for the repayment.

Around 66,000 households were eligible to receive the £150 rebate, and of those approximately 26,000 were not on direct debit, so did not enjoy the ease of an automated payment into their bank account. Of the 26,000, 2,600 are still required to make an application, with around 380 existing applications needing to provide further information.

Adur & Worthing Councils on claiming energy rebate

Cllr Carson Albury, Adur’s Executive Member for Customer Services, said: “We urge everyone who is eligible to claim their £150 energy rebate to do so as a matter of urgency. Inflation is continuing to drive up the cost of living, so claiming this rebate is so important. It is also very quick and easy to do so.”

Cllr Emma Taylor, Worthing Cabinet Member for Citizen Services, added: “Thousands of residents have already rightfully claimed their rebate, but there are still quite a few households who have yet to make a request and my concern is that some of these may well be those who would most benefit from this payment.

“There is still plenty of time to do so and the process is very easy. Anyone who is eligible to claim should do so as soon as possible, particularly if they are experiencing financial difficulties in what are some very tough times.”

Reminders sent out to residents

Emails and automated reminders have been sent out to all households in Adur and Worthing who have yet to claim, as well as for those applicants who have not submitted all the required information.

Payments must be made by the end of September, 2022 and households are being urged to set up a simple direct debit, saving time and effort in the long-run, as well as also ensuring customers do not have to worry about forgetting future bills each month.

However, anyone wishing to claim an energy rebate will have to make a separate application even if they have set up a direct debit for the council tax repayment.

Information on claiming a rebate

At the end of April, councillors set Worthing’s share of council tax at £252.36 for 2022/23 – a 2% rise on last year which equates to an extra 9p a week for a Band D household, while Adur’s share of council tax at £317.61 for an average Band D household for 2022/23 rose 1.99% on last year, which equates to an extra 12p a week.

More information on claiming a rebate is available on the Gov.UK website, or by visiting Adur & Worthing Councils’ page, including access to other rebates.


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