Council prosecutes operators of Luckista Grove Caravan Park


Horsham District Council successfully prosecuted Mr Royston Cooper, director of Frankham Real Estates which owns and runs Luckista Grove Caravan Park, for failure to comply with a Compliance Notice. The Compliance Notice was served in May 2017 after the owners failed to put right breaches of their Site Licence. These licences are issued to ensure owners of Caravan Parks provide adequate living standards for park residents.

These breaches had left the residents of Luckista Grove on Billingshurst Road, north of Ashington, with intermittent electricity and water supplies and with a sewage treatment plant that was producing terrible smells in warm weather. The roads on site were also too narrow at points and were pot-holed and un-drained, so were muddy and flooded whenever weather was wet.

At the time of the prosecution, only four of the twelve breaches listed in the Notice had been complied with, ten months after the date by which works should have been completed.

Mr Cooper and Frankham Real Estates pleaded guilty at Worthing Magistrates Court on Friday 22 June and were fined a total of £15,000 plus costs and a victim surcharge.

Councillor Tricia Youtan, Horsham District Council Cabinet Member for Community & Wellbeing said:

“I was dismayed and disappointed to hear of these breaches. The Council will not accept poor standards on caravan sites; they are the homes of residents and need to meet the established standards to ensure that they provide a pleasant and safe living environment.”

“We gave the owners advice and guidance for over a year before the continuing poor standards led to the decision to take legal action.”

“We will continue to closely monitor all such matters District-wide”


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