There are currently 1,400 children in need of a loving home across Sussex

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Could you open your heart and your home to a child in need?

The pandemic has made many of us re-evaluate our priorities and question what’s important in life. With a national shortage of foster carers, we’d love to talk to anyone out there who may consider fostering; or who has thought about a change in career and would like to find out about becoming a foster carer. There are currently 1,400 children in need of a loving home across Sussex. Now could be the perfect opportunity to take a giant leap that could not only change a child’s life forever, but also bring you immeasurable rewards.

The first step isn’t such a giant leap! Just a chat and an open conversation about what it takes to become a foster carer and provide a safe, secure and loving home to enable a child to thrive. If you have a spare room, then that’s the very first tick on your journey to becoming a foster carer.

Foster Care UKOne of our newly approved foster carers, Helen* didn’t think in a million years that she could become a foster carer; but that one call has completely changed her life. Helen had made some mistakes as a teenager before turning her life around years later. Due to her past and the fact that she didn’t have children of her own, Helen assumed that becoming a foster carer would be out of the question. After the thorough assessment, required by every person who wants to become a foster carer, Helen realised just how inspiring her story actually was and how valuable her life experience could be to young people in care. Her passion to help and experience in overcoming adversity is something that is impossible to teach. She was wholeheartedly approved to become a foster carer and we know will go on to help many children in need.

Helen says:

“The assessment process made me realise that people did not see the person who had made some mistakes in their early life, but instead someone who really wanted to give her all to looking after a foster child.”

Whilst the word “assessment” seemed scary to start with, Helen found the whole process extremely cathartic, and the training provided fantastic.

Our experienced foster carers, Danny and Laurence have created incredible memories as well as learning many new skills along the way on their own personal journey.

“Fostering has brought a new dynamic into our life that we’ve never experienced before, we have so much joy in our lives and we actually feel like we are giving something back to society. We have made memories that will last a lifetime and visited places we would never have thought about visiting before we started fostering, and it has been the best time of our lives.”

Here at FosterCare UK, full training is provided to become a foster carer along with 24-hour support when you have a child in your care. For an informal chat about a change in career and whether becoming a foster carer is right for you, call us on 0844 800 1941.

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*Name changed for privacy.

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