Corona’s live Sun-Powered Session: free solar-powered gig on Brighton seafront on 29th April

Corona Natural Billboard message

Corona’s live Sun-Powered Session

Those looking to kick back and unwind ahead of the long bank holiday weekend can enjoy a unique experience on Friday 29th April, as Corona harnesses the power of the sun to host a special ‘Sun-Powered Session’ on Brighton’s seafront.

For a nature-inspired summer celebration, the golden hour gig will be led by the sun’s descending rays, as solar-powered speakers amplify an acoustic sunset performance. A moment to disconnect from the working week and embrace the start of summer, those attending should get set to bask in the restorative sun over the long weekend.

As a beer brewed with 100% natural ingredients, Corona is celebrating the natural world using renewable energy resources at this latest event to highlight the power of nature. The Sun-Powered Session will continue Corona’s mission to encourage people to connect with the great outdoors, as great beer and serene settings combine for the ultimate evening entertainment.

Event details and information

Taking place at the Corona Natural Billboard, a unique foliage-adorned installation on Brighton’s West Pier, gig goers can also experience the timely artistic powers of the sun alongside their music.

Between 6.30 and 6.45pm, hidden messages will begin to appear on the board, uncovered by the descending sun’s rays as they hit the carefully designed greenery, creating shadows that reveal the outline of a bottle and the message ‘Made from the Natural World’.

Event – Sun-Powered Session live at the Corona Natural Billboard

Location – The Promenade, 42-43 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 2LN

Date – Friday 29th April 2022

Timing – starts 6.30pm

Cost – Free


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