COP26 – ‘One for the Sea’ campaign launches in Brighton

Talisker Whisky and Parley ‘One for the Sea’ campaign - COP26

COP26 ‘One for the Sea’ Campaign

During COP26, 26 ocean enthusiasts (including Lisa Snowdon and Ross Edgley) dipped into the cold water off Brighton Beach to launch the Talisker Whisky and Parley ‘One for the Sea’ campaign – helping support the protection and preservation of the sea for future generations.

After the group’s dip to raise awareness, they came together to dry off and raise a dram of Talisker toasting the efforts of those working to protect our oceans, and to the sea itself. 

Talisker and Parley

The new campaign supports Talisker and Parley’s partnership mission, which launched last year to support the protection and preservation of 100 million square metres of sea forest by 2023. Kelp sea forests cover over 25% of the world’s coastline and are found fringing every continent except Antarctica. They play a critical role in ocean health by sequestering carbon dioxide, regulating pH, harboring microorganisms, and providing habitat and nourishment for marine life and keystone species.


The ‘One for the Sea’ campaign aims to empower people across the UK to reconnect with the beauty and fragility of the sea and recognise our responsibility to take action. The campaign encourages people to make a donation to Parley. Each donation will support Parley’s direct impact work to help protect and preserve sea forests.


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