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Horsham District Council is extremely grateful to the many residents of the Horsham District. Who have come forward so far to volunteer their help to the elderly and vulnerable. Whilst confined to their homes during the current Coronavirus situation.

20 Community Voluntary Hubs have been set up, by volunteers with support from the Council. The hubs are manned by teams of volunteers, giving both practical and emotional support.

However, Horsham District Council are aware that there are also lots of other volunteering groups and individuals. Who are doing great work to pull together and offer support.

To make sure that all areas of the District are being covered. Please let Horsham District Council know any details of how you are volunteering to help people by emailing

If you have set up your own Hub or have a support group and have not already been contacted by the Council, please email the details. So they can keep an up-to-date list of what support is available across the District and where there are any potential gaps.

The Council is currently also collating a list of anyone who would like to help in the Hubs. If you would like to offer your help and become a volunteer, please visit the Horsham District Council website and sign up at: On this same webpage you can also let the Council know about anyone who is vulnerable and needs help.

Many groups and individuals are coming together to make a real difference to the lives of others and Horsham District Council would like to thank all those volunteers who have selflessly offered their support. 



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