Community comes together for countryside walk

Gwenn Parker-Tregoat skipping on the downs

The Eastbrook Explorers dabbled in cross-county adventure this week when they took part in a ‘Town to Downs’ walk.

Braving the hot weather, the explorers set off from Fishersgate station and briefly crossed the border into East Sussex before deciding West Sussex still had it.

The 80-minute walk to the foot of Southwick Hill was organised by the Eastbrook Explorers. They’re a local community group based at Eastbrook Manor Community Centre and part of the Growing Communities project run by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) which is supported by Adur and Worthing Councils.

Men, women and children took part in the walk, but it was the women who shared with us the joy of community walking:

Carol from Fishersgate went on the walk with her mother, Maureen, and three-year-old son, Thomas: “Sometimes as a mother you can get a bit insular in the family environment and I thinks it’s really good to get out with other people from the community. I’ve always enjoyed walking and we certainly had the weather for it.”

Brenda, from Southwick, said: “It was a lovely day and it’s better to walk with others than on your own, although I actually met a couple of people I already knew. I am a carer for members of the family, so it was nice to get out and about for a while.”

Coral, also from Southwick, tackled the walk with a new hip fitted only last September. “I told the surgeon I liked walking and he said my replacement hip would be fit for a mountaineer!  He might have been joking, but I like the freedom of walking and meeting new people.”

If you want to get involved with the Eastbrook Explorers, you can contact: [email protected]uk or Eastbrook Explorers directly on [email protected] or via the Eastbrook Explorers facebook page.


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