Flag for Commonwealth Day 2023 raised by Horsham District Council

commonwealth day flag

Council marks Commonwealth Day by raising the flag

The theme for Commonwealth Day 2023 is ‘Forging a sustainable and peaceful common future’.

It signifies the active commitment of member states to collaborate on climate action, support the development of free and democratic societies, and the promotion of peace and prosperity to improve the lives of all Commonwealth citizens.

Horsham District Council is marking Commonwealth Day this year on Monday 13th March by raising the Commonwealth flag at Park House in Horsham.

Horsham District Council Chairman Cllr Kate Rowbottom commented: “I think this year’s theme for Commonwealth Day is particularly appropriate as it embraces some key challenges of our time.

“We are all united in committing to protect natural resources and tackle climate change for the benefit of our planet. Additionally at this time of conflict for many across the world, it is more important than ever that we unite and work together to achieve peaceful outcomes.”

The day this year is very special as it is the first one since Her Majesty the Queen’s passing, and the first presided over by His Majesty King Charles III as King and Head of the Commonwealth.


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