Colourful Places by Sarah Duffield

Worth the Wait

2017 saw Steyning based artist Sarah Duffield have a near sell out show of her bright, uplifting and unique take on the landscape that inspires her. Now two years later she returns to Horsham Museum & Art Gallery with stunning new work that reveals how Sarah continues to develop her pallet and craft.

At the heart of the exhibition, Colourful Places are four views of Horsham district, drawn from conversations had with local people about their favourite scene. Commissioned by Horsham District Council as part of the Year of Culture, the paintings are the culmination of months of work, and importantly, a first, the exhibition will focus on the steps Sarah took in creating the modern masterpieces. So as well admiring the views of; Knepp Estate and Ruin, Chesworth Farm, view from Beeding Hill and the River Arun and Chalk Pit at Amberley, the visitor can get a feel of the creative processes, the pallet selection and what to include, or leave out. It adds a real depth and interest to an exhibition that will make you see Horsham district in another light.

The four original views are the District are part of a larger exhibition where Sarah showcases her recent work including Into the Arboretum, Adur Sunset, Autumn Sentinels , paintings inspired by her travels across the heart of Sussex. In 2017 one of the surprises of the exhibition were the beautifully crafted charcoal drawings, the preparatory sketches that stood in their own terms as works of art. Horsham Museum & Art Gallery are delighted that Sarah has agreed to display some of her drawings again, monochrome images as powerful and rewarding as her colourful masterpieces.

The exhibition Colourful Places – The Multi-Coloured District is an opportunity to admire works by a highly talented artist who has created her own vision of the world around her. Knowing only too well how popular the four views of the District will be, a limited signed print of each of the view has been produced. These will be on sale along with original works of art, in an exhibition that is one of the highlights of Horsham District Year of Culture.

Colourful Places- The Multi-Coloured District by Sarah Duffield, is open until 14th December 2019. Horsham Museum & Art Gallery is open Monday- Saturday 10.00am – 5.00pm, free admission.


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