Coldwaltham Parish Council May News


Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 12th March 2019.

Chairman’s report

The showers in the Alban Head Pavilion have been replaced (as stated in the accounts). The next improvement will be the kitchen.

The chairman has received comments regarding the hedges along the back road to Storrington, where the hedge has been cut right back. This has been responded to: This is part of a planned improvement to the field and gullies along the road.

GDPR Problems – a member of the public continues to email members of council directly. This has now been compounded by the resident forwarding the email to a third party, without the councillor’s agreement or knowledge.


HDC do not make note of the Dark Skies Reserve consideration when determining planning applications. HDC were wrong to describe Coldwaltham as outside the buffer zone and therefore no regard was needed to the Dark Skies Reserve. However, the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) assess how well the local planning authority is performing with regards to the speed of validation or the numbers of appeal etc. They do not make note of how the planning authority is adhering to SDNPA policies.


Recently over 100 people have been (identified speeding), and 90 letters have been issued. This is indicative of how the Speedwatch volunteers have improved their accuracy. This was warmly welcomed by the council and is a direct fulfilment of part of the village plan.

Fisherman fingered

There has been an instance where a fish was being removed from the river by a non-parish resident this was reported by a resident to one of the Piscary Bailiffs. Members of council noted that this might give rise to possible confrontation with fishermen. The clerk will work with the chair to re-issue detail of the piscary rights, and an assessment of how to deal with members of the public.

Parking problems

There are some people using the car park at the Alban Head long-term, which is blocking the space for regular users. There are about four areas in the village where vehicles are now being parked during the day or over-night in ways which are new and causing significant resident distress and irritation. It was suggested that signs could be installed, but need to first  check to see if the PC was authorised to do this.


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